Teenage Siblings

You’d think they’d be killing each other, or at least trying not to get too close, but these two were starts—born models. They were so cooperative that I almost wanted to see how far I could push it, “Would you two please stand on your heads now, and then hold hands?” But I kept things comfortable and easy with poses that wouldn’t make them squirm. I can never resist asking one to tickle the other, so I did try that—it always produces interesting results, and it’s pretty cute here.

Per my post below, I usually evaluate at my subject before snapping the shutter to determine if the photograph will work best in black and white or color, and I sometimes know right from the outset. Other times it becomes clear when I look at the image straight out of the camera. If it meets my criteria for a good black and white image—strong lines, good tonal contrast,etc.—I will go right to black and white before I start the retouching and enhancing process. In rare cases, the images work equally well in both mode, and I found that to be the case here, so I am presenting both.

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