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Happy Halloween!

Beware of Singing Pumpkins!

(They will melt all your candy).pumpkin2-1


Happy Cousins, Siblings, Parents, and Especially, Grandma

There was a lot of excitement to capture—the three musketeers in action, doting on baby girl, grandma’s joy, and all kinds of combinations of everyone! I can almost feel the warmth of holding hands, the tickle of cheek on cheek and the love sparkling from their eyes!

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Ukelele Baby

I did a spontaneous photo session of this little sprite using just a window in an otherwise unlit room—hence the dramatic light. I like the textured but otherwise neutral background and the baby’s clothes–none. There is nothing more sumptuous than all those folds and ripples. And pure simplicity so you can focus on the little details and features and the expansive and stark emotions. I know that starting a musical instrument is best at a young age, so I’m delighted to see her getting a head start.

JS-6lily-1 lily-2 lily-3


Golds and Blues

I like how the blues and the golds complement each other in these images. Color palettes are so essential to the success of a session and I love working with my clients to achieve the perfect look. It’s always best to start with an outfit for your child that you love and want to remember them in and then work around it to come up with a harmonious blend of colors, patterns, and textures. I also love how you can see the connections and feel the emotion in the images, especially the bond between the mother and daughter.

Austin family photography

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Little Darlings

So cute with their big eyes, big yawns, and big wiggles. Children are the greatest gift! The next greatest gift is pictures of them that you will look at over and over and cherish for a lifetime. Give a friend or loved one a Valentine’s Day gift certificate.

A Warm Welcome to Little Sunshine!

Such striking, glowing faces on all four of them as they celebrate the happy arrival of their sweet baby. Big sister is having a blast in her now role, and Gus Fruh is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a perfect day together. I love the wardrobe here—soft and elegant patterns paired with a rich and harmonious palette of blues, purples and greens.

Valentine’s Day Special!

This is the first time I’ve offered mini-sessions. You’ve been asking for a scaled-down version of our basic photo package and it’s now here. 67% off the Silver Portfolio and only $250. Grab it while you can because these are going to go fast. Details are here

Sweet Candy Girl! The greatest Valentine’s Day gift of all.

Tattoo boy!

Only three days old and wide awake, nice and cozy in her flower-petal Valentine’s blanket. Don’t forget to book early for your Valentine’s Day session. Space is limited!

Capture your little artist creating a Valentine’s Day masterpiece!

Heart People. Boy loves Girl.

Festive Fella

Festively clad little Sprite enjoying a wintery day in the waterless creek with adoring mom and grandma. I love the bright warm colors against the cool, subdued background. Great juxtaposition. And I want a matching jacket!