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Time for a New Headshot—$299 for month of May!

Headshots for every profession and occasion. In-studio and on location. Fresh and full of life. How do you want to portray yourself to your clients/audience? I will bring out your personality and make you look your best! Check out the site and call or email for details. 512-699-5862.


 Chi-Chi, DancerChi-Chi-2



Jeneen, Marketing Director JS-1JS-3JS-2


Khotso, Educator, Innovator

KK-3 KK-2KK-1


School Board Members, Progressive Austin School

schoolboard photos2


Scott, Trial Attorney



Ava, Artist

AS artist-1AS artist-2



Douglas, Pilot



Jenny, Landscape Designer



Kelly, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

Kelly-3 KI-1



Daniela, Student



Steve, Dentist

Steve-4 Steve-3

The Artist As Art

Truth be told, she didn’t really want to do this (her boyfriend did!) She’s camera shy and is used to making art, not being the subject of it. But the images are all the more powerful, and meaningful, because she has helped me to create art that at once shows her personality and the personality of her work. There are many authentic ways to portray the same person, and even if the expressions are remarkably similar, the background and context radically transform the aesthetic and the experience of that person. That’s what I love to do! As for Ava, she is a brilliant painter. Her work is intense and pulsating, full of color, life, and depth, just as she is. To see more of the same and consider livening up your home with one of these beauties, check out her site:

Ava Sherafian blog-1

Ava Sherafian blog-3Ava Sherafian blog-2Ava Sherafian blog-4Ava Sherafian blog-5



Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs/Eve Margolis

Center Director and instructor Eve Margolis discovered Kidpower International while looking for a way to teach her then 3 year old daughter how to be safe as she became more independent. The skills were so easy and so successful that she decided to bring Kidpower to Austin to share with the community.Kidpower teaches kids how to communicate personal boundaries, ask for help, and advocate for themselves. The skills they learn can protect them from bullying, harassment, abuse, and abduction.

Eve has over a decade of experience in public schools and holds an MA in education. Eve also has many years of working with at risk youth in leadership training. As a veteran classroom teacher she found that many issues distracting children from learning had to do with social and emotional issues. Along with the curriculum and philosophy of Kidpower, Eve’s background in child development and experience in education bring a fresh approach to helping children develop skills and confidence. For more information:

Eve Margolis blog-1

Eve Margolis blog-2

Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs/Lynn Bridge

Lynn Bridge blog-1

In her own words:

I work in the world of cement, glass, stone, and ceramics- I’m a mosaic artist. “Going vertical” is what I call my unusual technique.  I create many of my own tesserae (that’s what you call the little pieces that make up a mosaic) by fusing them in my glass kiln. Others, I cut from glass, stone, or tile. I mix and color cement mortar, spread it on my panel, then poke tesserae into the mortar so that they stand up from the surface.  The art is both fragile and heavy. Below is a portrait I made from glass I fused. I make art for shows, but I also accept commissions, large and small.  My website is the portal into my online world.  Find me at

Lynn Bridge blog-2Lynn Bridge art

Teenage Siblings

You’d think they’d be killing each other, or at least trying not to get too close, but these two were starts—born models. They were so cooperative that I almost wanted to see how far I could push it, “Would you two please stand on your heads now, and then hold hands?” But I kept things comfortable and easy with poses that wouldn’t make them squirm. I can never resist asking one to tickle the other, so I did try that—it always produces interesting results, and it’s pretty cute here.

Per my post below, I usually evaluate at my subject before snapping the shutter to determine if the photograph will work best in black and white or color, and I sometimes know right from the outset. Other times it becomes clear when I look at the image straight out of the camera. If it meets my criteria for a good black and white image—strong lines, good tonal contrast,etc.—I will go right to black and white before I start the retouching and enhancing process. In rare cases, the images work equally well in both mode, and I found that to be the case here, so I am presenting both.

Dancing Beauty

Those lips! Those eyes! That hair! She’s stunning! My stylist and I had a great time dolling her up in dramatic makeup and experimenting with clothing. I love all the different looks!

Flies in Love

Yes, now I do fly photography, too! I mean, look at all that emotion I captured :-)

Janet Jackson watch out!

This dancer came in first with her daughter for family photos and then called me back needing headshots for an upcoming audition…for Janet Jackson! She’s as talented as beautiful and offers dance classes for any of you moms who want to get in touch with your sexier side….