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Mischievous Munchkin on the Run

This little bundle of fun would not stop moving for even a second. Lucky I have a super fast camera and sprinting feet! But honestly, I’m happy to chase your kids in circles and hang from branches to capture all the sweetness and laughter of your family. I love these two wardrobe palettes, too—striking colors that contrast artistically with the background. Who’s next? Holiday deal about to be launched!


Almost gave birth in my studio

I spotted this beautiful woman with the picture-perfect belly in the Bob Bullock museum gift shop (Saturday). I wanted to photograph her so I approached her. She explained that she was due in a week and lived an hour away, and that this was her last trip away from home. I gave her my card just in case, and the next day she called, excited for the very last-minute opportunity to capture her pregnancy (Sunday). The next morning she arrived for her photo session (Monday). My stylist and I had such fun wrapping her in elegant fabrics and rolling her around under the lights. She was relaxed, calm as can be, and we all laughed about the possibility of having a maternity and labor/newborn session all in the same day. A day and a half later she gave birth! And in she came, the very next week for a newborn session!