Silly, Serious, and Sassy

Little people have such Big Personalities and I try to capture the whole range. I make it my business to make them laugh because laughing photos are glorious and you may not have any. But their serious side (or relaxing pose) is also precious, and this may be hard to capture because kids are so used to fake smiling when you turn the camera on them. No fake smiles here! (My assistant was working hard to entertain them and it shows). Also, when you allow kids enough time to just hang out and be themselves, you get unexpected gems like a little girl playing with her hair and looking like the model for Vogue.

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Make your Holiday Photos Fun



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New this year:

Metal tabletop prints and metal ornaments!



Happy Halloween!

Beware of Singing Pumpkins!

(They will melt all your candy).pumpkin2-1


Time for a New Headshot—$299 for month of May!

Headshots for every profession and occasion. In-studio and on location. Fresh and full of life. How do you want to portray yourself to your clients/audience? I will bring out your personality and make you look your best! Check out the site and call or email for details. 512-699-5862.


 Chi-Chi, DancerChi-Chi-2



Jeneen, Marketing Director JS-1JS-3JS-2


Khotso, Educator, Innovator

KK-3 KK-2KK-1


School Board Members, Progressive Austin School

schoolboard photos2


Scott, Trial Attorney



Ava, Artist

AS artist-1AS artist-2



Douglas, Pilot



Jenny, Landscape Designer



Kelly, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

Kelly-3 KI-1



Daniela, Student



Steve, Dentist

Steve-4 Steve-3

Grey is Beautiful

You may think grey is dull or that it won’t photograph well, but quite the opposite is true. Especially if you have a large group, the more contrasting colors and patterns you add to the mix, the more they start to clash, and the attention is stolen away from the faces. So here’s a grey palette that includes plenty of textures, shades, and subtle patterns to make it lively and interesting while also understated and elegant. Always remember to reserve the brightest and most playful outfit for the smallest body so it will be more of an accent and will not overwhelm the picture.


AA +MM-4

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AA +MM-12

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Gift Certificates for the Holidays!

How would you like to capture your kids and remember your family at this snapshot in time? Every year I photograph these brothers engaged in play so that you can really feel their personalities and how they related to each other. It just keeps on changing as they grow older. This client has a stack of books to commemorate every year of their lives. Please contact me if you’d like to offer a gift certificate to a loved one for this holiday season—I promise it’ll be a gift that will warm their heart.



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Jump for Joy!