Remembering Vladi

What I remember about my visit to their home was the aura of warmth and vitality that permeated the household. You can see an unquenchable spark of life in Vladi’s eyes, a spirit so alive and strong, even in spite of an unrelenting illness. The whole family came for pictures—nieces, siblings, neighbors, and the grand matriarch. All dressed in their Sunday best, in his honor. And all keenly aware of the purpose of the bittersweet reunion—to create memories of those sparkling eyes and the love that they radiated while there was still time. I am in awe of all the gentleness and tenderness that I saw, and know that Vladi was wrapped in sweet sunshine by his guardian angels—all of them—until his last moment, 8 weeks later.
Vladi-2Vladi  Vladi3

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