Pretty Winter: blue-purples against yellow-oranges

Here’s an example of two color schemes that are very different and both work well with the background. The first is made up of complementary colors. The clothing contrasts with the background—blue and orange are opposites, as are purple and yellow. So the look is dramatic without feeling harsh. I’ve played up the boldness of the colors in some images (second family picture) and softened them in others (vertical family picture) for different effects. The second color palette is analogous—made up of colors that are side by side on the color wheel: yellow-orange-red.

While this color theory is extremely useful for selecting wardrobe for photography, there is an element of judgement and experience that comes into play to make the whole thing work seamlessly. And there are other elements to consider as well—textures, collars, patterns. That is why I sifted through five closets here to come up with some really stunning combinations!

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