10 Best Posed Shots—Baby Sleeping with Uncommon Things

Babies are usually beautiful and angelic looking when they sleep, so you’ll want to capture that anyway. But here’s a fresh angle to it: Place something unexpected next to or around baby while he sleeps. Something meaningful to you, or fun, or artistic, whatever your bent is. Some ideas:

1) a guitar or other musical instrument. If you’re a musician, you’ll then have two of your most beloved things in the world side by side. It’ll also give you an amazing contrast of scale and show just how tiny your little bundle is.

2) oranges, lemons, or other fruit with bold color and graphic shapes (round always looks harmonious). Arrange them any way you like. Try different configurations. Have fun with it. You are creating art!

3) flower petals. I know, it’s been done before. But not with your sweet baby! A bouquet right at his side would look good, or try sprinkling flowers around her.

4) stuffed animals/loveys. Find every single one in the house and surround your sleeping wonder with his new friends.

5) valentine’s day heart candies. Do a closeup of baby’s face so that your zoomed far enough in to read the cute phrases on the candies.

6) pictures of you and your spouse as babies. Here again, you’ll have to get close to make out what’s in the pictures.

7) all your jewelry. Fanciest stuff you can find! Drape it all over her and around her, as if she’s lying in a treasure chest!

How to get the best shots:

1) Get a ladder and place it as close to crib, bassinet, bed as possible. The taller the better. I know it sounds like a drag but it will be worth it!

2) Pick a time of day when there’s beautiful light coming in through a nearby window and a stage of baby’s nap when he isn’t likely to wake up, and throw open the curtains and shades.

3) Keep the camera very steady, increase ISO and shutter speed if camera will allow. All these can be done with camera phones, too. Experiment with the settings and turn off the flash.

I have to admit that I don’t have much to show here. I did not follow my own advice because I didn’t really think of these things back then when I was a new mom and sleep deprived. But if I could do it all again, I’d have a huge repertoire of these pictures! I would also lose the very distracting outfit and either don a white onesie or diaper with diaper cover. Or, if you don’t mind living on the edge and want the most artistic and beautiful images, remove his diaper while he’s sleeping and photograph him in the buff.

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