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Fall Special on Family Pictures!

All shapes, sizes, styles, with and without animals, running, jumping, playing, sleeping, and everything in between. Book now while the Fall Special is on!!

Laughing eyes, dancing tongue

And a face full of glee! This little cherub was delighted to be photographed. Perhaps someday she will be an actress, comedian, or talk show host…

Dancing Beauty

Those lips! Those eyes! That hair! She’s stunning! My stylist and I had a great time dolling her up in dramatic makeup and experimenting with clothing. I love all the different looks!

Lost in Each other’s Love

Mama and baby’s eyes were just dripping with love. So visceral. So intense. Such an honor and joy to observe and document the tender moments of bliss.

Silly Blue-Eyes (and her silly friend)

Okay, I admit it. My son popped on a dress, to be silly, and joined the photo session. The son of a photographer hides when the camera is pointed at him and only wants to be photographed if someone else is getting all the attention…and his good-natured, astoundingly beautiful friend, was happy to share the fame.

Lacy Baby with Spikey ‘Do

This little trooper let us dress her up, put hats on and move her in and out of baskets while she was lost in dreams. And we were lucky enough to catch some very endearing smiles and grimaces before she dozed off.

Ravishing in Pink

There was so much love in the room I was breathing it in. These sisters really dote on each other and the kisses were flying left and right. And mama did an amazing job of passing down the beauty gene…

Almost gave birth in my studio

I spotted this beautiful woman with the picture-perfect belly in the Bob Bullock museum gift shop (Saturday). I wanted to photograph her so I approached her. She explained that she was due in a week and lived an hour away, and that this was her last trip away from home. I gave her my card just in case, and the next day she called, excited for the very last-minute opportunity to capture her pregnancy (Sunday). The next morning she arrived for her photo session (Monday). My stylist and I had such fun wrapping her in elegant fabrics and rolling her around under the lights. She was relaxed, calm as can be, and we all laughed about the possibility of having a maternity and labor/newborn session all in the same day. A day and a half later she gave birth! And in she came, the very next week for a newborn session!

Janet Jackson watch out!

This dancer came in first with her daughter for family photos and then called me back needing headshots for an upcoming audition…for Janet Jackson! She’s as talented as beautiful and offers dance classes for any of you moms who want to get in touch with your sexier side….