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Urban Legends

Here’s one of my most beloved people in the world–my son’s first teacher in life–and her drop-dead gorgeous, fun, and wacky family.

RT side-1

Valentine’s Day Special!

This is the first time I’ve offered mini-sessions. You’ve been asking for a scaled-down version of our basic photo package and it’s now here. 67% off the Silver Portfolio and only $250. Grab it while you can because these are going to go fast. Details are here

Sweet Candy Girl! The greatest Valentine’s Day gift of all.

Tattoo boy!

Only three days old and wide awake, nice and cozy in her flower-petal Valentine’s blanket. Don’t forget to book early for your Valentine’s Day session. Space is limited!

Capture your little artist creating a Valentine’s Day masterpiece!

Heart People. Boy loves Girl.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Their mom is a playwright, so it’s not surprising that they look like they are acting in a play and not just playing. She could be Tatiana, he could be Puck. It’s not quite night—more like dusk—but the fairy woods, as they call it, is a magical place—a great setting for a play. I love all the poses and expressions, and how brother and sister are having fun and frolicking together. I should have had them bow at the end—they look like they’re about to!

Mysterious Blue Eyes

Their mom has green eyes and their dad has brown eyes. And they’re quite sure it wasn’t the postman because otherwise they look just like their parents. Full gallery on these two exquisite kids coming soon!

Feeling the music, strutting the stuff.

We went through three rounds of emailing pictures of wardrobe options—all meticulously laid out on the bed for review—before nailing this festive and striking ensemble. (What great shoes!!) With tunes streaming off their iPod the kids set off galloping into the yard and pathways with abandon, occasionally loving on mommy.

Hansel and Gretel in the Black Forest

These twins could take on the world. But they could also land on the cover of Vogue (Kid Vogue?). They ebb and flow so peacefully and organically like waves. So I’m sure that they would concoct the perfect plan to escape from even the most cunning witch—perhaps by reading eachother’s minds—and would execute it with seamless teamwork.

Flies in Love

Yes, now I do fly photography, too! I mean, look at all that emotion I captured :-)

A Few Hours Old, A Full Head of Hair

I had the honor and privilege of meeting this very young lad amidst his joyful family in the hospital shortly after his birth. His lovely grandma prepared an Indian feast and lined the windowsill with a buffet for us all. No hospital food for this lucky mama!  Everyone was surprisingly light-hearted and well-rested so it felt like a little party. Big sis was delighted with the new specimen but could only be cajoled into one family photograph.