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Mysterious Blue Eyes

Their mom has green eyes and their dad has brown eyes. And they’re quite sure it wasn’t the postman because otherwise they look just like their parents. Full gallery on these two exquisite kids coming soon!

Boy or Girl? Trick question! Who gets red?

This mama posted the first picture here to Facebook to announce her baby. Within minutes she had ten posts oohing and cooing—but something was wrong. She had kept the gender a secret—even from herself— and had not announced the birth itself on Facebook. So many friends and acquaintances were learning that baby had been welcomed into the world from this post. She did not give full details in the post—simply a picture— leading people to guess on their own whether it was a boy or girl. Someone noting the red background assumed it was a girl and took liberties to post “congratulations on your girl!” which led to many similar comments until someone finally corrected everyone. This fabric has an Indian flair and I thought it was gender neutral. It never fails to surprise me how strongly color is associated with gender and how strict the conventions are. It may, then, surprise you that red used to be identified as a male color—seen as aggressive, strong, fierce, bold—and blue was for women–cool, serene, demeure, calm, dainty. And so it followed that pink was for little boys, and light blue for girls.

“There has been a great diversity of opinion on the subject, but the generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. The reason is that pink being a more decided and stronger color is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” [Ladies Home Journal, June, 1918]

The current pink for girls and blue for boys wasn’t uniform until the 1950′s.

Laughing eyes, dancing tongue

And a face full of glee! This little cherub was delighted to be photographed. Perhaps someday she will be an actress, comedian, or talk show host…

Acrobatics and Kisses at Zilker Rock

From wild-eyed to docile (she), and from delight to angst (he), I managed to capture a large breadth of personality. And I’ll never forget this sweet boy removing one shoe with great resolve and sprinting around with one bare foot for an entire hour.

Beach Shenanigans

Action on Beach Haven, a gorgeous little sliver of sand off the Jersey Coast massaged by warm rolling waves. You could rise and fall with the surf all day long. An extended family is enjoying a summer reunion—mine!

A Few Hours Old, A Full Head of Hair

I had the honor and privilege of meeting this very young lad amidst his joyful family in the hospital shortly after his birth. His lovely grandma prepared an Indian feast and lined the windowsill with a buffet for us all. No hospital food for this lucky mama!  Everyone was surprisingly light-hearted and well-rested so it felt like a little party. Big sis was delighted with the new specimen but could only be cajoled into one family photograph.

Nature Safari to the Last Waterfall in Austin

This free-spirited loving family trekked through woods and fields and wildflowers to the last waterfall in Austin, which is perhaps no longer there! We wanted pictures of their 6-month old nursing under (or above) a waterfall. But she was so mesmerized by the pastoral landscape that couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. I did manage to capture a few endearing moments of her feasting, and they are exquisite images, but I cannot post them here! Here she is in all her innocent beauty drinking in the glistening sky and cascading water.

Discovering the Greenbelt at 5 months old

This laughing, smiling happy boy was so entranced by the nature around him that all I got were looks of wonder, and we could barely eek a grin out of him! But he was having some serious fun, enjoying sitting in the wild grass and on the stone flats and playing the piano with abandon until his little body wavered and dad caught him just as he teetered and lost his newly found balance…over!

Lost in Each other’s Love

Mama and baby’s eyes were just dripping with love. So visceral. So intense. Such an honor and joy to observe and document the tender moments of bliss.