Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs/Eve Margolis

Center Director and instructor Eve Margolis discovered Kidpower International while looking for a way to teach her then 3 year old daughter how to be safe as she became more independent. The skills were so easy and so successful that she decided to bring Kidpower to Austin to share with the community.Kidpower teaches kids how to communicate personal boundaries, ask for help, and advocate for themselves. The skills they learn can protect them from bullying, harassment, abuse, and abduction.

Eve has over a decade of experience in public schools and holds an MA in education. Eve also has many years of working with at risk youth in leadership training. As a veteran classroom teacher she found that many issues distracting children from learning had to do with social and emotional issues. Along with the curriculum and philosophy of Kidpower, Eve’s background in child development and experience in education bring a fresh approach to helping children develop skills and confidence. For more information:

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Laughing Prettily in Pink

Yes, I’m pretty excited about the laughing. Especially because we were off to a rough start—running late (and you can’t ask the setting sun to wait), one sister with a migraine, another fatigued, and no one really in the mood to smile, pose, take orders, and change clothes. So I had to strip and dance naked while playing the trumpet on the Hey Cupcake Trailer roof, and that’s when I got the best photos. Kidding aside, they were really troopers. Mom had said that it would be tough to get real laughs out of one of them, but I always rise to a challenge. Even if I have to rise on a broomstick and paint my face green. So here they are, lovely beautiful sisters, all so different in personality, style, and looks, all in synch and having a good time. And yes, I always try to take more pictures of the last child, because—let’s face it—you don’t have time anymore!

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Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs/Dr. Laura Alport Hancock

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Dr. Laura Hancock is a sexual health educator focused on creating strong foundations of sexual health in children. She teaches private classes for parents with children ages 0 to 10 years old. If you don’t know why you’d need to think about sexuality when your child is that young, then you need to take her one of her classes! 512.791.9149 ~

Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs/Ginny Woodruff

Ginny Woodruff blog-2In her own words:

I founded the site Great Moments in Parenting, which aims to bring humor and honesty back into the parenting debate.

Great Moments in Parenting is an open blog where moms and dads submit moments, essays and photos about “the agony and ecstasy of life with kids.”  I had the idea to start a blog that anyone could submit to, women and men, that focuses on short “moments,” like Facebook posts, and to make it open to all moments of parenting—not just the good ones. Thus our “no judgment” motto. The stories serve as group therapy (“I feel better because that happened to someone else, too.”) Thus our other motto: “Share your stories–it’s cheaper than therapy.”It was a finalist in the 2013 SXSW Interactive Awards.

I’m a writer, editor and public speaker. In 2013, I gave a Bruin Talk at UCLA’s Alumni Day: “These Aren’t Your Parents’ Kids.” I’m also writing a book about motherhood.

Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs/Lynn Bridge

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In her own words:

I work in the world of cement, glass, stone, and ceramics- I’m a mosaic artist. “Going vertical” is what I call my unusual technique.  I create many of my own tesserae (that’s what you call the little pieces that make up a mosaic) by fusing them in my glass kiln. Others, I cut from glass, stone, or tile. I mix and color cement mortar, spread it on my panel, then poke tesserae into the mortar so that they stand up from the surface.  The art is both fragile and heavy. Below is a portrait I made from glass I fused. I make art for shows, but I also accept commissions, large and small.  My website is the portal into my online world.  Find me at

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Fun. Joy. Daddy is our hero.

This is what I felt during the session with this beautiful family. So much warmth and connection. And the kids were literally screaming–and almost crying–from laughter. Sure, I engaged in the usual antics— swinging my hips and singing, shouting silly things, and kicking off my shoe, which flew over my head–yes, I’m completely shameless and will do anything to entertain my subjects. But these kids were in stitches over their father, who was clearly funnier than me. And if a guy can make his 12 year old daughter laugh for an hour, pose with a pile of contented kids on his back, and elicit hugs, licks, and so much joy, then he must have a really big heart.



Ukelele Baby

I did a spontaneous photo session of this little sprite using just a window in an otherwise unlit room—hence the dramatic light. I like the textured but otherwise neutral background and the baby’s clothes–none. There is nothing more sumptuous than all those folds and ripples. And pure simplicity so you can focus on the little details and features and the expansive and stark emotions. I know that starting a musical instrument is best at a young age, so I’m delighted to see her getting a head start.

JS-6lily-1 lily-2 lily-3


PAC-MAN returns for a bright and festive session.

My fine arts and graphic design background allow me to carefully plan and coordinate all the details of your session so that they work artistically together. Together we’ll choose a theme, and then we’ll select wardrobe and backdrops. If you will be displaying art in your home then I’ll work within your interior design so that color palette and style are thoughtfully considered.

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What makes your family special?

So many things! Your little children’s big personalities, all their endearing and funny expressions, the way they play and interact with their parents and each other and how they spend time together. I work closely with each family to determine what you want to capture and remember about this precious time in your family’s life. Here we have a warm color theme, a minimalist set, looks of love, big sister reading to little sister, and lots of hugging. Plus a nice variety of family poses. I’ll always find a way to get all faces smiling, and you’ll get some really silly fun ones, too.

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The Dream Team

A photographer’s dream: two sweet beautiful kids modeling the art of fun!

You’ll see a lot of laughing in my images. And happy smiles. I really make it my business to make your kids laugh. And also you. It helps lighten the mood and everyone loosens up. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than expressions of pure glee, and I want you to remember these moments for ever and ever. And to look at these pictures when you’re feeling sad, or in difficult moments of parenting, or when your children are all grown up. You will treasure these. I promise.

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