Happy Twins

I love how playful they all are, how the girls are loving on daddy and that I captured how comfortable they all are rolling around together. I was using a magnificent new lens–Canon 85mm 1.2–which makes the backgrounds buttery soft and painterly. I enjoyed using reflections in the water to create an unusual and richly patterned effect. The clothing colors were selected to convey the brightness and joy of the occasion—which was a reunion—and the girls’ lively personalities; the guitar, lake, and sunset set a beautiful mood as they round out the color palette.

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Playful Poses in Purple

Also, rich colors and textures and a huge range of cool backgrounds. But what I love the most about this work is capturing the laughter, affection, and all the different ways of telling a story, a story about relationships that is unique to each family.

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Rainbow of Color in the Heart of Winter

Here’s a Little Dynamo in fiery red frolicking around Town Lake against an explosion of fleeting winter colors.


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Little Girl in Blue whose Heart shines Bright

Capturing the connections, the love, the laughter. That is what I seek to do with each family. Here it is particularly vivid, especially because this sweet girl is so demonstrative and her face shines with glee…

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Movie Starlet

Bounding with life and full of expressive poses, this little dynamo gave me plenty of material for my upcoming movie, “The Girl who Rubbed Habanero-like juice into her Eyes after playing with Unsuspecting Berries and, After Screaming her Lungs Out, went back to Smiling and Having Fun. You’ll notice the pomegranates, too—not quite as lethal. This shoot shows the Best of Austin backgrounds— arty graffiti, bright painted walls, rustic wood fences, adobe stucco, cool signage, and glorious foliage.

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Frolicking in the Rain

Yes, it was actually raining, but that didn’t stop the fun. I just held my hood over my camera and kept shooting! You’ll see little drops on the hair and some little flecks but mostly it doesn’t show. This little smartly dressed man put on a good show!MO new-1MO vert-2MO-2MO-1MO-4MO-8MO-5MO vert-1MO-10

Sneak Peak—a Huge Splash of Joy!

Holiday Deal is on for 4 more days!


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Happy Cousins, Siblings, Parents, and Especially, Grandma

There was a lot of excitement to capture—the three musketeers in action, doting on baby girl, grandma’s joy, and all kinds of combinations of everyone! I can almost feel the warmth of holding hands, the tickle of cheek on cheek and the love sparkling from their eyes!

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Mischievous Munchkin on the Run

This little bundle of fun would not stop moving for even a second. Lucky I have a super fast camera and sprinting feet! But honestly, I’m happy to chase your kids in circles and hang from branches to capture all the sweetness and laughter of your family. I love these two wardrobe palettes, too—striking colors that contrast artistically with the background. Who’s next? Holiday deal about to be launched!


The Artist As Art

Truth be told, she didn’t really want to do this (her boyfriend did!) She’s camera shy and is used to making art, not being the subject of it. But the images are all the more powerful, and meaningful, because she has helped me to create art that at once shows her personality and the personality of her work. There are many authentic ways to portray the same person, and even if the expressions are remarkably similar, the background and context radically transform the aesthetic and the experience of that person. That’s what I love to do! As for Ava, she is a brilliant painter. Her work is intense and pulsating, full of color, life, and depth, just as she is. To see more of the same and consider livening up your home with one of these beauties, check out her site: http://avasharifian.com/

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